Our Story

It’s interesting what can happen over a six-day, American Leadership Forum hike in the wilderness.  Participants have time to discover unlikely commonalities with fellow hikers that an average networking opportunity is unlikely to reveal.  That hike in the woods has spawned far-reaching business plans and collaborations, including the notion of the Glue Factory.

As they communed with nature on their hike, Gordon Fowler, CEO of 3fold Communications and Debbie Oto-Kent, executive director of the Health Education Council wondered what would happen if they brought his creative small business and her established nonprofit together to tackle their same passion – building healthy communities by offering economic opportunities.

While gasping for oxygen at 5,000 feet, they decided to launch an economic development experiment: Provide an innovative and supportive co-working environment for innovative entrepreneurs who understand the value of building community as well as building their products and services.

Welcome to the first experiment of its kind.  Welcome to The Glue Factory.

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